This Live Implementation Workshop Is For Heart-Centered Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Community Advocates, and Faith Leaders...

DISCOVER: "The Counterintuitive, (Almost Weird) Secret to Becoming a Confident and Impactful Speaker!"

Attend This FREE Webclass To Learn How to be bold, confident, and charismatic on ANY stage without feeling like an imposter or a fake!

Speaking is the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to share your message...

But it is also the NUMBER ONE FEAR in the world!

If you have a cause, brand, or idea you're passionate about, you know that speaking and leveraging your message should be your #1 priority. 

You probably feel terrified by the idea of speaking in front of others. Or, you might be worried about coming off salesy or fake.

Maybe you're concerned about not having the authority or credibility that would inspire others to listen. You might also be confused about where to start.

This 90-minute class will teach you the step-by-step formula for getting out of doubt and fear and into confidence, authority and power in your presentations without feeling like an imposter or a fake.

November 14, 2022                  12:00 pm EST

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 90 minutes

What You Will Learn:
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
The #1 Lie
How this ONE lie has kept you from Sharing your message and How you can rise above it...
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
The Shift
How a simple shift can make you magnetic, charismatic, confident, and engaging...
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
The Formula
How To effectively prepare and deliver presentations of ANY kind in a powerful, authentic, and impactful way!
Join Us For This Presentation…
...And Find Out How YOU TOO can be Bold, Confident, and Charismatic on ANY stage so that you can FINALLY create the impact you KNOW you were created to make!
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The REAL Secrets To Unwavering Confidence On  
ANY Stage You Can Dream Of! 
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